Cover Reveal for Avarice!

The cover for the sixth volume of Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology has been released! Many thanks to our cover designer, Luke Spooner of Carrion House. His vision: “For the theme of the piece I decided to capitalise on the idea of magpies as greedy, hoarding creatures with avaricious appetites for shiny things.”

Keep an eye out for pre-ordering through Amazon. The release date for this amazing young adult anthology is April 3, 2018.

Each volume of this series follows one theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, with a contemporary update to the original sin as described by the Catholic Church many years ago. The authors selected for each volume are from the writing site Scribophile, and they belong to the YA Authors Group. Scribophile welcomes all writers and authors–you can join for free!

Follow my website for more information about the authors of Avarice and the release of this volume as the month progresses.


SDS Wrath–Meet the Authors, Day 3

Imagine this: Combine a roller coaster of teenage emotions—those volatile, hard to control passions—with frustration and anger. Can you visualize it? Or perhaps you remember your own younger days, as you pushed through those sensations and into adulthood.

Scary? It can be when the theme is Wrath.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our final seven authors and their stories! If any of their blurbs catch your eye, consider posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads. The anthology will be released on August 11, 2017!


A Lion’s Wrath by M. Polo

Justin has been seeing the same therapist for three years and there are few things he hates more than their weekly sessions together. He usually feels powerless and at the mercy of his psychiatrist, but today is different. Empowered by new information, Justin feels ready to take on Dr. Winters and make sure he never has to discuss his issues with her again.

M. Polo is a German-Panamanian who has lived in many places including Costa Rica, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Finland, Sweden and his very own head (a pace he still regularly resides in today). While he is new to the world of writing fiction, he has always made make-believe part of his private and professional life: creating video games, entertaining his children or leading his adult friends into fantasy worlds of heroes, dungeons and dragons. It fills him with pride and joy to appear in the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology with his first published work, A Lion’s Wrath.

Connect with M. Polo

Twitter: @authormpolo




Suppression by M.X. Selles

Daniel is tired of feeling purposeless, but he’s not allowed to feel much else. He’s at the mercy of adults who don’t allow true emotions to surface. Haunted by his memories, he lives day by day in a state of boredom and apathy—until he meets a mysterious girl with the promise of escape. Can he suppress the rage from his past, and get out for good?

M.X. Selles spends much of her time obsessing over her beautiful cats in the south of England. Sometimes, she likes to pretend she is a human feline. She’s always loved writing and is currently working on a science fiction young adult novel. She is extremely excited and honoured by her short story featuring in Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath.


Crazy Stupid by K.T. Stephens

Cheri couldn’t control her emotions. She’s lost everything—school friends, property, and her grandmother—out of rage. Using witchcraft passed down through the female line of her ancestry, she casts one spell after another to contact killers from the past. She hopes to find someone who will teach her how to control herself by examining their inner turmoil and psyche. Nothing works until she makes contact with a young Cherokee warrior. Convinced he held the wrath of his entire people when he killed their betrayer, Cheri brings the dangerous man into her world. Still, her grandmother’s voice echoes through her mind: Are you crazy? Or simply stupid?

K.T. Stephens writes YA and children’s books and is especially enamored of the circus. Just mention acrobats and strongmen and she’ll jump headfirst into this world of magic, color and precision and take you with her. When she steps away from the big top, she works as editor, publisher and author on her pet project—Seven Deadly Sins: A YA Anthology—and writes adult literature under the pseudonym Katie Stephens. Although her two grown children live on opposite sides of the USA, she lives squarely in the middle of the country with her husband and two adorably obsessive felines.

Connect with K.T. Stephens


Twitter: @standardishue



My Monster, My Friend by M. J. Travis

Julie never expected to hear her name called on Valentine’s Day. But there she was, walking to the front of the class to receive a red heart. Her excitement is short lived, though, when she realizes the Valentine was not from an admirer, but a cruel hoax instigated by two mean girls. Julie’s anger erupts, unleashing the monster inside her. Will this monster help her when she needs it the most? Or will one little mistake, caused by her outrage, end the life of someone she loves?

M.J. Travis is a native southern Californian who began writing four years ago when her second child was no longer in need of constant supervision. Her love of books began at an early age. She mostly writes short stories for YA and children, but has just started to leap into the workings of a novel. She has previously been published in the Seven Deadly Sins series.


Dying of the Light by Elle Turpitt

Eliza and Chloe were born into a culture that relished powers. As twins, one was destined to be stronger, and with that strength came the possibility of uncontrolled rage. When others sought to steal the strong twins’ power, they chose the wrong girl. After Chloe’s funeral, Eliza makes her way to the place where her sister died, determined to find those responsible and enact her revenge.

Elle Turpitt has always preferred spending time in fictional realities over the real one. These, sometimes, are of her own creation. She returned to her home in South Wales after studying Creative Writing at the University of Hull. When not writing, she is often immersed in TV, films, video games or books. Although she has been writing and creating stories ever since she could talk, Dying of the Light in the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology is her first printed publication.

Connect with Elle Turpitt

Twitter: @elleturpitt



Retribution by D.A. Weaver

Judie is the local eccentric homeless woman who spends her days keeping the quiet beach town of Newport clean and green. Something that came easy when she was young, lately the complete disregard that people have for the environment is killing her. When Judie meets Ashley she tries with all her might to teach the young girl to have respect for the earth, but Ashley’s latest destructive stunt just may be her last.

D.A. Weaver has lived in sunny California her entire life. When she was a kid, however, she’d wander off to wherever her creativity took her, usually recruiting her friends to be the actors in her latest play. Whether it was the dirt lot “stage” down the street that transformed into an island plagued by cannibals and haunted by quirky pirates, or a refrigerator box spaceship in her backyard that traveled to worlds that were yet to be discovered, reality was always the most distant location in her mind. When her friends couldn’t join her, there was always an imaginary friend or two who were easily persuaded to join along in her adventures. As far back as elementary school Doreen knew that the only thing that would make her truly happy was to bring those concocted people and places to life for others to enjoy.

To every child young and old: May you always find happiness, adventure, and a whole lot of magic along your journey. And don’t forget to let your imagination come out and play today!

Connect with D. A. Weaver

Twitter: @daweaverwriter



Bully by Daniel I. Weaver

Bullies leave scars—some physical, some emotional, but all forever. When a terrifying beast appears in the shadows of his high school and a former bully is found mutilated, Corbin begins to wonder if his prayers have been answered. Determined to keep Sam away from the girl of his dreams, Corbin embraces his anger and calls on the beast. But things aren’t always what they seem.

Daniel I. Weaver is a Pennsylvania native and has been previously published in Light at the Edge of Darkness and Dragons, Knights, & Angels: Issue 46. A healthcare professional by day, Daniel much prefers reading and writing fiction, kayaking, martial arts, and cinema. With most of his children well on their way toward adulthood, Daniel finds himself with more time to pursue those passions and looks forward to publishing many more pieces in the future.


SDS Wrath–Meet the Authors, Day 2

Are you a slow-to-burn person who simmers until you explode? Or does your anger flash hot and bright, only to be extinguished moments later? Does revenge calm the rage?

The twenty-one authors of Wrath’s volume in the young adult series Seven Deadly Sins have their own ideas.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you seven more authors and their stories! If any of the blurbs catch your eye, consider posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads. The anthology will be released on August 11, 2017!


No More Fruit Cake by Matthew Dewar

Kendra starts working at Hope Springs, where she will care for elderly patients with dementia. She is full of young ambition, and wants to make a difference. But a low budget and understaffing mean the patients can’t get the proper care they need. The workers who do show up seem to be more concerned about the looming full moon than anything else. Kendra doesn’t believe in the old wives’ tale, but could there be some truth to it?

Matthew Dewar’s passion for reading and writing developed at a young age. Fascinated by all genres, enthralled by the endless creativity of imagination, and captivated by foreign worlds and intriguing characters, Matthew makes time in his busy schedule to write every day. If he’s not reading or writing, you might find Matthew working as a physiotherapist, teaching group fitness classes, entertaining his dog, or dreaming of travelling to an exotic destination.

In May 2017, Matthew published Nightmare Stories, a collection of young adult horror fiction where twelve young teens discover that happily-ever-afters only exist in fairy tales. His short stories have appeared in From the Stories of Old, and The Seven Deadly Sins Anthology: Gluttony.

Connect with Matthew Dewar

Facebook: Matthew Dewar Author

Twitter: @WriterDewar




The Tattoo Artist by J. Grabarek

Since Pop’s death, Billy has complied with all of Ma’s requests. One night he meets Sara, a young tattoo artist, who weaves her magic through words she writes on Billy’s skin. Ma hates the tattoos, while Billy feels newfound energy surging through his body. When Ma crosses the line with Sara, Billy is forced to take a stand or forever be left to do what he is told.

J. Grabarek is a beautiful Californian enchantress who weaves stories from inside a secret chamber in the darkest parts of her castle. Her dragon Blue snores by her side as she writes of the sea, mermaids, and delicious tacos. Blue stop it. She meant sailors, ships, and hot dogs. Blue wants the readers to know the truth: he’s hungry, he is a Pug dog, and the stories are written while she is sitting in a maroon bean bag in her closet. She and Blue intend to read her story and other excellent stories in this Wrath volume of the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology while sharing a few slices of pizza.

Connect with J. Grabarek

Twitter: @J_Grabarek




Seeing Red by Chris Kennedy

College student Danny is a computer genius, building an artificial intelligence robot that can do his classwork for him and earn him some extra dollars on the side. He even personifies the robot, naming her Maud’Dib. Danny scavenges as much memory and other parts as he can to add to her, including Wi-Fi access. Soon, Maudie takes control of her motherboard and starts making her own decisions: humans were starting to look not only unnecessary, but downright dangerous.

Chris Kennedy writes for fun and enjoys twisting history into parables. His family tells him he’s a compulsive liar because he likes to make things up. When not researching his MA, he works for a modern communications company and dreams of retirement, which he intends to spend making up more lies and turning them into yet more stories for this excellent series.



Zach’s Awakening by Tonia Markou

Zach isn’t worried about the strange recurrent dreams he’s been having, until they begin to creep into his daily life. Things get weirder when a glowing lightning bolt appears on his arm. With the help of the new girl at school, Zach starts to realize what is happening to him. Can he accept his destiny in time to save himself and the school from a vengeful god?

Tonia Markou is a Greek-German writer and Creative Writing graduate, currently working on her first YA novel. Basically being a big kid, she enjoys writing and reading fiction for young adults. Her short stories have appeared in Flash, and The Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Envy and Gluttony. She’s the proud owner of a vast Converse Chucks collection, and is obsessed with stationery, mugs and pajamas.

Connect with Tonia Markou


Twitter: @toniawrites




Out in the Sticks by Geraldine McCarthy

Sixteen-year-old Arianna lives in Ireland and is excited about the school trip to Paris, especially as her boyfriend, Tony, will be going. Her mother is easy-going, but her father needs to agree to it, and he runs on a short fuse. When her father loses his temper, Arianna becomes angry with him, and her acts of rebellion escalate.

Geraldine McCarthy lives by the sea in West Cork in the Republic of Ireland. In a former life she was involved in tutoring, lecturing, translation and research. She has been writing short stories and flash fiction for almost two years now. Her work has been published in The Fable Online, The Incubator Journal, Seven Deadly Sins: a YA Anthology (Gluttony), Scarlet Leaf Review and Brilliant Flash Fiction. She was delighted to bring back the character, Arianna – one year older and bolder – for the Wrath edition of SDS.

Connect with Geraldine McCarthy




Wrath: An Archaeological Case-Study by C.P. Mulé

The year is 3082; the human species is well nigh finished on what is now known as the planet-state of Europa. An Archeologist has returned from another intrepid journey amongst the remnants of what was once called North Eastern America. The cocky chap relieves himself of the late-world’s many stressors the same way his ancestors did: A journal entry in the twilight of his otherwise dark and foreboding study.

C.P. Mulé has had many childhood nicknames—all of his own invention. The boy of yesteryear took inspiration from films, athletics, or even from on-the-nose dad jokes. This assortment of many masks never gave him any sort of satisfaction. In a journey to better himself and those he loved dearly the boy became a young man; he took off his mask and put on his glasses. Now his every day is filled to the brim with joys and the world’s great mysteries like this very publication. He is so very humbled to appear in the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology with his first-ever published work, Wrath: An Archaeological Case-Study.

Connect with C.P. Mulé

Twitter: @cpmule



Instagram: @themuleman



Soaring Hearts by Yvette O’Kay

Three different people, three different wrongs, and one intention in mind: revenge. Their own brand of justice burning in their hearts, Wrath guides the hands of three young adults as the ancient entity helps lead them down the path of revenge.

Yvette O’Kay is a writing goddess that has been creating stories ever since she was a little girl. She is from New York and has been featured in three previous volumes of Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth, Envy, and Gluttony.

SDS Wrath–Meet the Authors, Day 1

We all have that “kind” self who smiles at strangers, doesn’t hurt other people’s feelings, and keeps calm when faced with confrontation. And then there’s the other.

The one lurking in the shadows, ready to appear when patience runs thin and blood starts to boil. The one who revels in the aftertaste of destruction. The one we try to hide.

What happens when we invite the darkness to come out and play?

Twenty-one authors. Twenty-one stories. One theme: Wrath.


Welcome to the fifth volume of Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology!

This is Day One of introductions to the authors and their stories. If any of the blurbs interest you, consider posting a review on Amazon! The release date for this volume is August 11, 2017.


Banana Creme Pie by Elizabeth Archer

Odd, awkward and irritating, it’s Julia’s first time at an American school after a life as a missionary kid in Africa. Why are some people so infuriating? Why is banana cream pie something Elizabeth will never forget?

Elizabeth Archer lives in Texas and dreams of other places and other worlds. She writes poetry, fiction and too many novels. Her current passion is fairy tales. She has been published in a variety of places, including three volumes of Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Pride, Sloth and Gluttony.

Connect with Elizabeth Archer

Twitter @elizabetarcher


Getting Even by Holly Atwood

Ivy’s brother’s corpse is rotting somewhere in the Somme mud, but he hasn’t left her yet. With his thin, sad ghost trailing at her heels, she sets out to exact justice against the man who sent him to his death. But will her revenge cost her all of her brother that she has left?

Holly Atwood is paid to work in a library–living the dream–and spends her free time working on a fantasy trilogy, out of sheer masochism. She is honoured to make her first appearance in print with Getting Even in the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology. She likes cats, baking and triathlon. She hates fish.


Portuguese Proverbs by Teresa Bassett

Liz and her friends invite new girl Paula from Portugal to join them for lunch at school. Paula is a quiet sort, and they find out her father just got a job at the local factory. Liz is surprised when her best friend, Carole, verbally attacks Paula, shocking them all. Until the girls find out that Carole’s father was sacked from the same factory. Liz is disappointed in her friend’s actions, but it’s Paula who has to make things right.

Teresa Bassett is a writer from Cornwall, UK. She has written stories and articles for a variety of publications, and is proud to be included in each of the previous volumes of Seven Deadly Sins: A YA Anthology. Her debut novel “The Time Crystals” is due to be published in 2017 by Books to Treasure. A graduate of the University of Bath, she has worked as a foreign tour guide, translator and teacher. She and her husband live with their eccentric greyhound and even more eccentric cockatiel in a caravan on a former tin mine, where they are busy building their own home.

Connect with Teresa Bassett





Rest in Peace by Callie Bradford

Ghost hunting is the worst after-school job—high stress, no time for friends, and no actual money. Wren has been struggling with her own demons while helping lost souls move on to the other side. Now she’s facing the biggest challenge of her life, and she’s not sure she can handle it alone. But maybe she doesn’t have to.

Callie Bradford spent much of her youth obsessively searching spider-filled basements for hidden doors and secret passageways. Despite her lack of success, she still hasn’t given up looking. Callie lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband and a one-eyed dog. Her work also appeared in Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony.


Gone Missing by Dakota Canon

Lydia has lost much in her short life. She’s always hated her foster mother’s frequent trips to Walmart, where she’s forced to babysit her foster brother. She’s not even allowed to linger in the parking lot to watch the crazy homeless woman who’s captured her attention. But one day, when a silver charm in the jewelry section catches Lydia’s eye, she becomes convinced things will change–that the charm will work wonders and mend her broken heart.

Dakota Canon is a left-brained professional by day, masquerading as a right-brained artiste by night. She has been writing stories since the second grade when she spent a whole year penning her future autobiography. After far, far too many years in school, one preteen, a viscous cat, and an unfulfilled desire to discover a theory she could name after herself, Dakota started assembling her writings into something that might someday resemble a novel. She has been lost ever since.

Connect with Dakota Canon

Twitter: @DakotaCanon




Katanga’s Courage and the Wrath of Nissool by Susan Conner

Hell hath no fury like a teenager scorned. It doesn’t matter how much Stretch tries to distract Corinna from her ex-boyfriend Zach (the jerk), Corinna is bent on revenge. When they enter a carnival tent and hear the tale of Katanga and Nissool, Corinna can’t get her hands on the magical elixirs fast enough. Who would suspect the combo would release a wrath so primeval, new legends are about to be spun?

Susan Conner is a desert dweller of Phoenix, Arizona, where she routinely escapes the heat and her adult responsibilities by creating quirky stories filled with magical, fantasy, and sci-fi elements. Cursed with a vivid imagination bestowed upon her by a fragrant, banjo-playing Sherpa with a charming drawl and eyes the color of a glacier lake, she paints, draws, and writes novels for adults and young adults alike. She’s ecstatic to once again appear in the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology, which featured her story, The Makara, in its Gluttony edition.

Connect with Susan Conner

Twitter: @SusansWordJar


Victorless by A. R. Curry

The duel Cyclops Kings rule together, greedily overfilling their treasure troves until The Day of Dominance. On this day, each king selects a handful of slaves to battle in the coliseum on their behalf; the winning side determines which king will get the biggest cut from that year’s spoils. However, this year’s stakes rise for a young warrior who finds himself pitted against an opponent he can’t bear harm. Problem is, if he refuses or loses, he dies. And his younger sister will share his fate.

A. R. Curry is an unremarkable individual who has decided to write about remarkable things in order to live vicariously through them. This way, he can at least take credit for impressive achievements, imagined or not. He’s a graduate of the University of Missouri – St. Louis, and the father of three genuinely remarkable children who, thankfully, are on much better trajectories than him.

Cover Reveal for Wrath!

We have our cover for the fifth volume of Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology! Luke Spooner of Carrion House, our design artist, has outdone himself once again. We couldn’t have asked for anything more appropriate. Wouldn’t you agree?

The publication date of this volume will be in early August. I’ll be posting author introductions, bios, and blurbs of their stories in the next few days. The Seven Deadly Sins anthology highlights young adult authors from the writers’ site, Scribophile. You should join!

And so the excitement continues…

Not Fake News! New Book by Scott Bell now available!

Being dead doesn’t mean you have to stop living!

Working Stiffs: At a time when civil liberties have been eroded and unemployment has exceeded Great Depression levels, nanotechnology provides the ability to reanimate the recently dead. Far from zombies, but nothing like their former selves, “Revivants” are a ready source of cheap labor able to perform simple, routine tasks. Great news for some sectors, but for many, the economic and social impact is devastating.

You have to admire Scott Bell’s dry humor, creativity, and expertise with fight scenes. He’s got it all covered. This book is science fiction in its purest form and a delight to read.

Amazon Review:

“If I could give this book 10 stars I would. Not only was it beautifully written, the plot was well thought out and uncannily prescient given today’s political and technological climate. The story took place in the 2050’s and the US was in sorry shape. The government sought to mislead its citizens and used its medical system to kill off the elderly and terminally ill and to bring them back as revivalists, who were programmed through nanobots to do the work of the government. The main character, Joe Warren, was a wisecracking risk taker who played a pivotal role in working with those opposing the government as well as seemingly working with the government. This is one of those books you can’t put down. Well written, great characters and fantastic plot. Highly recommended.!!” (Library Thing Early Reviewers)


Don’t stop there, though! He’s got a series going about an ex-Marine who’s a magnet for trouble, Abel Yeager:

Yeager’s Law

Yeager’s Mission


About the author:

Scott Bell holds a degree in Criminal Justice from North Texas State University, and has enjoyed careers in both asset protection as well as sales. With the kids grown and time on his hands, Scott turned back to his first love—writing. His short stories have been published in The Western Online, Cast of Wonders, and in the anthology, Desolation. Yeager’s Law is his first published novel, with more on the way.

When he’s not writing, Scott is on the eternal quest to answer the question: What would John Wayne do?


Want more of Scott Bell? Follow him on Facebook and his blog, Texanation!



Love Across Time: Meet the Authors #5




When the sole purpose of the company you work for is to send people back in time to fix things, mistakes happen. Kara Brennan’s job is to pursue those mistakes and bring them back to the present before they can do more damage, even if her mark happens to be the dangerous Jack the Ripper. Kara’s lover and fellow teammate sent Jack through the wrong art gallery painting, but now Quinn Markham searches her out for another reason. Another mistake, one that could eliminate his very existence.

Lucas Taylor doesn’t understand why he appears during the American Revolution as a British soldier. Even more disturbing, while attending a celebratory ball in eighteenth century Philadelphia, he recognizes Kara as the young orphan he hasn’t seen in sixteen years—in the twenty-first century. He’s never forgotten her.

Kara identifies her mark, but never expected him to be the boy she knew from the orphanage. Lucas Taylor had been her hero once before. Will her girlhood dreams of the perfect man turn out to be true? Or can Quinn keep Lucas from winning back the only woman he ever loved?


Katie Stephens

If you discovered a sealed box with “Katie’s memories” scribbled on the side, you’d find a lifetime of partially completed stories, plays and musicals. Katie Stephens has opened that box and writes both non-fiction and fiction, where she happily experiments with all genres. Although her grown children are scattered east and west across the country, she lives solidly in mid-America with two kitties and a husband who keeps asking when she’s really going to retire.






When suspicion is everywhere, how can love be found? Especially, when you’re the one they seek.


Elena Kane

I am a preschooler teacher who lives in a small town in Ohio. I have three wonderful children who I love with everything in me. Together, we love movie night, playing board games, and the occasional game of hide-and-go-seek. I love watching football games in the fall, especially when my kids are playing in the marching band. OSU Buckeyes absolutely rock and Green Bay Packers were my favorite team, although that may change now that they’ve released my favorite player. Christmas is the greatest holiday there is. I simply cannot get enough of the lights, decorations, music, and anything else that has to do with the wonderful holiday. I love flowers, the outdoors, and flip-flops are an absolute must. Beaches are incredible and someday I want to take permanent residence on one. I think it’s the combination of water, sand, and being warm year round, that appeals to me the most.

Love Across Time: Meet the Authors #4




A wizard, a curse, a fated love…

When Rolf finally discovers the woman who can end the curse that has plagued his family for centuries, she is already betrothed. Time is running out for the royal wizard of King Henry II. If he cannot find true love without the use of magic, his line will end.

Melissa is intrigued by the mystical, handsome man that haunts her by night and tempts her by day. His bizarre tale of Merlin, enchantments, and finding genuine love has her questioning his sanity and her heart.

From the moment Melissa stepped from his dreams and into his arms, Rolf knew she was his destiny. Now, he will not only battle against time and a powerful duke, but defy his king and the gods to save her.


Aubrey Wynne

Bestselling and award-winning author Aubrey Wynne resides in the Midwest with her husband, dogs, horses, mule and barn cats. She is an elementary teacher by trade, champion of children and animals by conscience, and author by night. Obsessions include history, travel, trailriding and all things Christmas.

Her short stories, Merry Christmas, Henry and Pete’s Mighty Purty Privies have won Readers Choice Awards and Dante’s Gift received the 2016 Golden Quill and Heart of Excellence award, as well as being a Maggie and Aspen Gold finalist.

Besides her Chicago Christmas novellas, Aubrey will release “A Vintage Romance” series inspired by tales of her stepfather, who served for the British Air Force in WWII. The stories will be set in the 40s & 50s. Her medieval fantasy series will launch in 2017 with Rolf’s Quest, winner of the NTRWA Great Expectations and a Rebecca and Fire & Ice finalist.






Tourist Elissa McLaughlin falls over the edge of the Hathor chapel reconstruction at Deir el Bahri, but when she lands she finds herself in the time of its construction. Taken as a pleasure woman by the general in charge of building, she soon finds herself constrained to a dangerous masquerade in the center of political intrigue that could change the course of Egypt’s history forever. It is no time to fall in love…


Janis Susan May

Janis Susan May is a seventh-generation Texan and a third-generation wordsmith who writes mysteries as Janis Patterson, romances and other things as Janis Susan May, children’s books as Janis Susan Patterson and scholarly works as J.S.M. Patterson.

Formerly an actress and singer, a talent agent and Supervisor of Accessioning for a bio-genetic DNA testing lab, Janis has also been editor-in-chief of two multi-magazine publishing groups. She founded and was the original editor of The Newsletter of the North Texas Chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt, which for the nine years of her reign was the international organization’s only monthly publication. Long interested in Egyptology, she was one of the founders of the North Texas chapter and was the closing speaker for the ARCE International Conference in Boston in 2005.

Janis married for the first time when most of her contemporaries were becoming grandmothers. Her husband, a handsome Navy Captain several years younger than she, even proposed in a moonlit garden in Egypt. Janis and her husband live in Texas with an assortment of rescued furbabies.

Love Across Time: Meet the Authors #3




Suffering from burnout, elementary school teacher Sandra Cranston is on leave and trying to eliminate stress from her life. That plan is blown when she discovers an abandoned carriage deep in the woods. Inside is a man, Jerrod Ross, who fuels all of her wicked Regency dreams and fantasies. Take him home? Sure, why not?

Jerrod Ross has been ripped from the only world he has ever known—1821 Cornwall, England. A mine owner with many responsibilities, all he wants to do is return to his time. But his growing attraction for the lovely lady who found him makes staying in the future a temptation he finds hard to resist.

Torn between duty and desire, past and future, the hardest thing Sandra and Jerrod will do is admit their feelings. Or say—goodbye.


Karyn Gerrard

Karyn Gerrard, born and raised in the Maritime Provinces of Eastern Canada, now makes her home in a small town in Northwestern Ontario. When she’s not cheering on the Red Sox or travelling in the summer with her teacher husband, she writes, reads romance, and drinks copious amounts of Earl Grey tea.

Even at a young age Karyn’s storytelling skills were apparent, thrilling her fellow Girl Guides with off-the-cuff horror stories around the campfire. A multi-published author, she loves to write sensual historicals, particularly in the Victorian era. She also writes contemporaries. Tortured heroes are an absolute must.

As long as she can avoid being hit by a runaway moose in her wilderness paradise she assumes everything is golden. Karyn’s been happily married for a long time to her own hero. His encouragement and loving support keeps her moving forward.






Long-hidden secrets, ageless magic, forbidden romance—nothing Erin could have ever imagined when she called on a hypnotist to cure her of her fear of falling. When fate gives Erin and David a second chance they need to find their happily ever after before things go very wrong… again.


Meredith Bond

Meredith Bond’s books straddle that beautiful line between historical romance and fantasy. An award-winning author, she writes fun traditional Regency romances, medieval Arthurian romances, and Regency romances with a touch of magic. Known for her characters “who slip readily into one’s heart,” Meredith’s heart belongs to her husband and two children.

Love Across Time: Meet the Authors #2




Graham Fairfield needs a miracle, not the troublesome daughter of a duke, Lady Charlotte. When she is kidnapped, Graham knows it his duty to set his own troubles aside and save her.


Tammy Andresen

Tammy Andresen lives with her husband and three children just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up on the Seacoast of Maine, where she spent countless days dreaming up stories in blueberry fields and among the scrub pines that line the coast. Her mother loved to spin a yarn and Tammy filled many hours listening to her mother retell the classics.   It was inevitable that at the age of 18, she headed off to Simmons College, where she studied English literature and education. She never left Massachusetts but some of her heart still resides in Maine and her family visits often.






Faith Daniels is transported from 2016 Galveston, Texas to 1900 Galveston, in time for the most devastating natural disaster on record.

When a strange woman shows up inside Joe Benning’s house telling fantastic stories of disaster and destruction from a hurricane, can he let her go to save her life?


Carra Copelin

I write contemporary and historical romances but, unlike so many other authors, I didn’t write from childhood or read long into the night beneath the covers with a flashlight. I found romance novels as an adult. After reading about a million, I discovered numerous people residing in my head, all looking for a way onto the printed page.

I’m a member of Romance Writers of America and Yellow Rose Romance Writers, plus I’m a regular contributor to the blogs, Smart Girls Read Romance and Sweethearts of the West. I’m a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution, and The Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

My husband and I live in North Central Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where we enjoy our family and grandchildren. In addition to writing and researching, I enjoy my Bridge group, crochet, and tracking down our relatives through genealogy.

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