May–An End, or A Beginning?

Story a Day in May is finally over. I made it through with thirty-one offerings, some flash, some shorts, and some chapters to new novels. I understand June is for revising …

Here is the breakdown for me:


21 flash fiction

2 short stories, part one of each

3 first chapters of future novels (maybe)

Prologue and 5 chapters of a new novel

Word count for the month: 37,924

Average daily word count: 1223.35

I knew I had to stop writing only one-third of a word every ni…

George Wells, our fearless leader in the Scribophile group, made us asked that we post this information in the group, and I liked seeing how much I actually worked this month. I think the hardest part for me was trying to form the story every day in my head, and I probably spent more time doing that than the actual writing.

Am I exhausted? Hmmm, maybe a little tired right now. Most days? Yes.

Oh, look. Maybe I can enter that one in the Spark Contest before the midnight deadline tonight.

Yeah, right.