Lust: Meet the Authors, Day 1

Whereas the other six deadly sins offer a gratification that one must fight to deny, Lust originates with agony, doubt, and fear of rejection.

But Lust can take many forms; it’s hard to tell whether the craving will be for love, control, or money. One thing is certain: Lust can both frustrate and delight.

Twenty-one authors. Twenty-one stories. One theme: Lust.

This is the final volume of our Seven Deadly Sins series.


It’s time for another volume of Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology! This is Day One of our traditional introduction to the authors and their stories.

The release date for the seventh volume, Lust, is January 9, 2019!

Soon, you can pre-order the eBook on Amazon and order a print copy after the release. Please consider posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads.


Introducing the first four authors of Lust and their story blurbs:


Teresa Bassett lives in a house she helped to build, on former tin mining land in Cornwall, UK. She is proud to be included in each of the previous volumes of Seven Deadly Sins: A YA Anthology, and her debut novel “The Time Crystals” is due to be published in 2018 by Books to Treasure. A graduate of the University of Bath, she has worked as a foreign tour guide, translator, and teacher. She shares her life with husband Mark, retired greyhound Jinty and feisty cockatiel Lucy. When not writing, she loves gardening, foraging, walking—in fact, anything connected with nature and wildlife.




No Strings by Teresa Bassett

All boys are the same, aren’t they? Only after one thing. That’s what Linda’s friend Gina thinks, anyway, and she’s determined to give as good as she gets. But now she has set her sights on gorgeous Max, who’s already in a happy relationship, and Linda is horrified by her friend’s apparent lack of morals. Can she change Gina’s mind, or will she be forced to stand by and watch while her friend causes misery and heartbreak?



Mae Baum grew up among the snow and birch trees of upstate New York, but now makes her home in the urban jungle of Atlanta with her husband, daughter, and two cats. Always to be found with her nose in a book, she enjoys exploring fantastical worlds and now loves making up her own.


Twitter: @MaeBaumWriter



Their Eyes on Me by Mae Baum

As the most popular girl in school, Tabitha wants to break up with her high school boyfriend and go to college, guilt free. Wallflower Lexi wants a taste of the popularity she’s never had. But when Lexi finds herself enjoying her newfound popularity, how far will she go to keep it?



Susan Conner is a writer and artist from Phoenix, Arizona. She recently gathered up her dogs, cats, and magic wands to move to her family’s abandoned homestead ranch in Montana. In between renovating a 1920’s farmhouse, exploring the land, rescuing strays, and adapting to the white stuff that falls from the sky, she paints, draws, bakes, cans, and writes novels for adults and young adults alike. She’s giddier than a flock of giggling magpies to once again be included in this Seven Deadly Sins anthology.

Twitter: @susanswordjar



The Lovers’ Kiss by Susan Conner

Adhira, an experienced actress in her town’s community theatre, knows how to play the lover’s part. Kissing is no big deal, and all her leading men have been completely forgettable. Until Tony. Now she can’t forget the feel of his lips on hers. Why is kissing him so different? Is it love, or is it lust?



Matthew Dewar hails from Perth, Australia, where he works as a physiotherapist and group fitness instructor. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys writing fiction, reading, and keeping his dog entertained. Matt’s writing has appeared in several anthologies, and his first book, Nightmare Stories, is available now.

Twitter: @WriterDewar




The Pickle Polisher by Matthew Dewar

George loves playing with himself—a little too much. When the doctor tells him he needs to keep his hands off for a few days, George has to obey or suffer the consequences.


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