The Final Sin, Lust!

The cover for the seventh volume of Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology has been released! Many thanks to our cover designer, Luke Spooner of Carrion House.

We’re very excited to finally get to the last volume of this Young Adult series. But it’s not over yet! Sometime in late summer 2019, we’re planning to release all the volumes in a box set!

Keep an eye out for pre-ordering through Amazon. The release date for this amazing young adult anthology is January 9, 2019 (coincidentally, my birthday!).


Each volume of this series follows one theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, with a contemporary update to the original sin as described by the Catholic Church many years ago. The authors selected for each volume are from the writing site Scribophile, and they belong to the YA Authors Group. Scribophile welcomes all writers and authors–you can join for free!

Follow my website for more information about the authors of Lust and the release of this volume.


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