January 9, 2019: Release Day for Seven Deadly Sins, Lust!


HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!  Twenty-one new stories for our followers to read! We hope you enjoy the latest anthology in this Young Adult series.

The print and eBook copies have been linked on Amazon. Again, please consider posting a review. A lot of work goes into the creation and publication of this series, and we’d love to hear what you think.

Congratulations, authors!!

Teresa Bassett

Mae Baum

Susan Conner

Matthew Dewar

Kyra Dusk

Shauna Ivory Evans

J. Grabarek

Sarah Hegerty

Sara Hills

Sonora Hills

Chris Kennedy

Tonia Markou

C.P. Mulé

Sean O’Brian

Yvette O’Kay

Cherish D. Smith

K.T. Stephens

Elle Turpitt

Robert Walton

Daniel I. Weaver

Mari L. Yates


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