Avarice: Meet the Authors, Day 4

I’m feeling greedy today for people to purchase this anthology, because in this particular instance, we only practice avarice in order to donate the proceeds to First Book! Please stop by their website to see what you can do to help.


It’s time for another volume of Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology! This is Day Four of our traditional introduction to the authors and their stories.

The release date for the sixth volume, Avarice, is April 3, 2018!

You can Pre-Order the eBook on Amazon and order a print copy after the release. Please consider posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads.


Introducing the next four authors of Avarice and their blurbs:


Yvette O’Kay is a writing goddess that has been creating stories ever since she was a little girl. She is from New York and has been featured in four previous volumes of Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, and Wrath.

Moonlight Calling by Yvette O’Kay

Alone in a decrepit and crumbling castle, a dragon protects her hoard. She thinks back to a time long ago, when kings and queens ruled the land and wealth was ripe for the taking. Back then, the land around was scorched and all the people had fled for their lives—a desolate kingdom where her only subjects were her ever-growing treasures. Then, one day she catches sight of a treasure that she must have and takes to the night for her hunt.



K.T. Stephens writes YA and children’s books and is especially enamored of the circus. Just mention acrobats and strongmen and she’ll jump headfirst into this world of magic, color and precision and take you with her. When she steps away from the big top, she works as editor, publisher, and author on her pet project—Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology—and writes adult literature under the pseudonym Katie Stephens. She recently moved with her husband and two adorably obsessive felines from the green rolling hills of Ohio to New Mexico, where the sun shines an astonishing 310 days out of the year. Her financial investments now include suntan lotion and dark glasses.

Twitter: @standardishue

Blog: standardishue.com

Facebook: facebook.com/katie.stephens.169405

Facebook Author Page: facebook.com/KatieStephensAuthor

Circus Curses by K.T. Stephens

When Human Cannonball Aiden McGrath dates another member of the circus troupe, he discovers firsthand that you don’t mess with a gypsy’s daughter because, well, curses. Soon after Drina’s mother casts his fortune, a freak illness leaves him partially paralyzed and unable to communicate. He loses everything he owns to medical bills, and now someone is stealing from the circus. All Aiden has to do is eliminate the curse, get the girl, and stop the thieves before the circus closes down forever.



M.J. Travis is a native southern Californian who began writing when her second child was no longer in need of constant supervision. Her love of books began at an early age. She mostly writes short stories for YA and children, but has just started to leap into the workings of a novel. She has previously been published in the Seven Deadly Sins series.

A Wildflower by M.J. Travis

Abuse is all Jason Stymes has ever known. Passed from one foster house to another, he finally lands in the home of his dreams. Almost an adult, Jason knows his time is limited. Either his foster mom adopts him, or he ends up on the streets. One person lies in Jason’s way. Will he do the right thing? Or will his life-long hope of having a loving mother drive him to perform the unthinkable?



Elle Turpitt has always preferred spending time in fictional realities over real ones, often of her own creation. She returned to her home in South Wales after studying Creative Writing at the University of Hull. When not writing, she is often immersed in TV, films, video games, or books. Her first published piece was in Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Wrath, and she is honoured to again appear in the SDS Anthology.

Twitter: @elleturpitt

Blog: elleturpitt.com

Facebook: facebook.com/elle.turpitt 

Ashworth Manor by Elle Turpitt

Viv can see ghosts, so the haunted Ashworth Manor is the last place she wants to go. It’s a place kids enter and never leave. But there’s treasure, and Viv’s family needs money fast. Viv enters the manor to confront the ghosts reluctant to part with their treasure. Can she convince them to give her the treasure and release her from the evil inside?


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