Avarice: Meet the Authors, Day 3

Avarice is defined by the Church as extreme greed for wealth or fame. It’s a sin of excess, like Gluttony or Lust. If you dig deeper into a person’s psyche, modern descriptions may include: treason, theft by violence, deliberate betrayal or disloyalty, and manipulation of authority. What a wealth of writing ideas when the theme is Avarice.

It’s time for another volume of Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology! This is Day Three of our traditional introduction to the authors and their stories.

The release date for the sixth volume, Avarice, is April 3, 2018!

You can Pre-Order the eBook on Amazon and order a print copy after the release. Please consider posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads.


Introducing the next four authors of Avarice and their blurbs:


Chris Kennedy writes for fun and enjoys twisting history into parables. His family tells him he’s a compulsive liar because he likes to make things up. When not researching his MA, he works for a modern communications company and dreams of retirement, which he intends to spend making up more lies and turning them into yet more stories for this excellent series.

Hungry Ghosts by Chris Kennedy

The Clinic is ancient and rotten. It conceals itself behind a mask of sterile glass and polished chrome, where the richest clients can trade their hard cash for an illusion of youth and beauty.  Maeko Yoshida is the only one to perceive the danger. She must risk everything she has to strip away the mask and expose the corruption at its core, before her friends are drawn to the ranks of the Hungry Ghosts. 


Tonia Markou is a Greek-German writer and Creative Writing graduate, currently editing her first YA novel. Basically just a big kid, she enjoys writing and reading fiction for young adults. Her short stories have appeared in Flash and The Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Envy, Gluttony and Wrath. She’s the proud owner of a vast Converse Chucks collection, and is obsessed with stationery, mugs and pajamas.

Twitter: @toniawrites

Facebook author page: facebook.com/toniawrites

Website: medium.com/@toniawrites

The Wolf’s Appetite by Tonia Markou

Devon wants to be as famous as his former classmate, Theodore. When he steals Theo’s magical locket, it seems as if all his dreams finally come true. But how far will he go to make sure it stays that way?



Geraldine McCarthy lives in West Cork in the Republic of Ireland. In a former life she was involved in tutoring, lecturing, translation and research. She has been writing short stories and flash fiction for over two years now. Her work has been published in The Fable Online, The Incubator Journal, Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Gluttony and Wrath, Scarlet Leaf Review, Brilliant Flash Fiction and Every Day Fiction.

Facebook: facebook.com/cruthaitheacht

The Price of Everything by Geraldine McCarthy

It is the summer before her final year in school, and Arianna wants to get a job to save up for a holiday. She juggles working at a shoe boutique and babysitting on weekends, but finds herself under increasing pressure to make time for the important people in her life. What will she prioritise?



C.P. Mulé, of the Greater Philadelphia area, grew up mere yards from the point of the Delaware River, where Washington crossed the iced body to defeat the Hessians. He’d watch the water course along the floodplains some days, as he dreamt of making his own mark on his country, which started so close to home. He’d invent his own nicknames, naive of his ego, in the hopes that he’d build character. Build character he did, but not by any natural affair. The assortment of many masks he had developed never gave him any sort of satisfaction. In an effort to better himself and those he loved dearly, the boy took off his mask and put on his glasses, with the smell of coffee beans itching his nose. His work has also been published in Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Wrath. He is very humbled to appear in the SDS Anthology again with his second published work, “Major Trenton Saves the Day.”

Twitter: @cpmule

Facebook: facebook.com/AuthorCPMule

Website: CPMule.com

Instagram: @TheMuleman

Major Trenton Saves the Day by C. P. Mulé

Every city needs a superhero. For New Jersey’s capitol, Miss Major Trenton is the gal. She’s rough, tough, and ready to mow her enemies down. The nefarious Ghoul Goblin is up to no good once more—despite his losing batting average. Can Major Trenton save the day?


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