SDS Wrath–Meet the Authors, Day 1

We all have that “kind” self who smiles at strangers, doesn’t hurt other people’s feelings, and keeps calm when faced with confrontation. And then there’s the other.

The one lurking in the shadows, ready to appear when patience runs thin and blood starts to boil. The one who revels in the aftertaste of destruction. The one we try to hide.

What happens when we invite the darkness to come out and play?

Twenty-one authors. Twenty-one stories. One theme: Wrath.


Welcome to the fifth volume of Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology!

This is Day One of introductions to the authors and their stories. If any of the blurbs interest you, consider posting a review on Amazon! The release date for this volume is August 11, 2017.


Banana Creme Pie by Elizabeth Archer

Odd, awkward and irritating, it’s Julia’s first time at an American school after a life as a missionary kid in Africa. Why are some people so infuriating? Why is banana cream pie something Elizabeth will never forget?

Elizabeth Archer lives in Texas and dreams of other places and other worlds. She writes poetry, fiction and too many novels. Her current passion is fairy tales. She has been published in a variety of places, including three volumes of Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Pride, Sloth and Gluttony.

Connect with Elizabeth Archer

Twitter @elizabetarcher


Getting Even by Holly Atwood

Ivy’s brother’s corpse is rotting somewhere in the Somme mud, but he hasn’t left her yet. With his thin, sad ghost trailing at her heels, she sets out to exact justice against the man who sent him to his death. But will her revenge cost her all of her brother that she has left?

Holly Atwood is paid to work in a library–living the dream–and spends her free time working on a fantasy trilogy, out of sheer masochism. She is honoured to make her first appearance in print with Getting Even in the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology. She likes cats, baking and triathlon. She hates fish.


Portuguese Proverbs by Teresa Bassett

Liz and her friends invite new girl Paula from Portugal to join them for lunch at school. Paula is a quiet sort, and they find out her father just got a job at the local factory. Liz is surprised when her best friend, Carole, verbally attacks Paula, shocking them all. Until the girls find out that Carole’s father was sacked from the same factory. Liz is disappointed in her friend’s actions, but it’s Paula who has to make things right.

Teresa Bassett is a writer from Cornwall, UK. She has written stories and articles for a variety of publications, and is proud to be included in each of the previous volumes of Seven Deadly Sins: A YA Anthology. Her debut novel “The Time Crystals” is due to be published in 2017 by Books to Treasure. A graduate of the University of Bath, she has worked as a foreign tour guide, translator and teacher. She and her husband live with their eccentric greyhound and even more eccentric cockatiel in a caravan on a former tin mine, where they are busy building their own home.

Connect with Teresa Bassett





Rest in Peace by Callie Bradford

Ghost hunting is the worst after-school job—high stress, no time for friends, and no actual money. Wren has been struggling with her own demons while helping lost souls move on to the other side. Now she’s facing the biggest challenge of her life, and she’s not sure she can handle it alone. But maybe she doesn’t have to.

Callie Bradford spent much of her youth obsessively searching spider-filled basements for hidden doors and secret passageways. Despite her lack of success, she still hasn’t given up looking. Callie lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband and a one-eyed dog. Her work also appeared in Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony.


Gone Missing by Dakota Canon

Lydia has lost much in her short life. She’s always hated her foster mother’s frequent trips to Walmart, where she’s forced to babysit her foster brother. She’s not even allowed to linger in the parking lot to watch the crazy homeless woman who’s captured her attention. But one day, when a silver charm in the jewelry section catches Lydia’s eye, she becomes convinced things will change–that the charm will work wonders and mend her broken heart.

Dakota Canon is a left-brained professional by day, masquerading as a right-brained artiste by night. She has been writing stories since the second grade when she spent a whole year penning her future autobiography. After far, far too many years in school, one preteen, a viscous cat, and an unfulfilled desire to discover a theory she could name after herself, Dakota started assembling her writings into something that might someday resemble a novel. She has been lost ever since.

Connect with Dakota Canon

Twitter: @DakotaCanon




Katanga’s Courage and the Wrath of Nissool by Susan Conner

Hell hath no fury like a teenager scorned. It doesn’t matter how much Stretch tries to distract Corinna from her ex-boyfriend Zach (the jerk), Corinna is bent on revenge. When they enter a carnival tent and hear the tale of Katanga and Nissool, Corinna can’t get her hands on the magical elixirs fast enough. Who would suspect the combo would release a wrath so primeval, new legends are about to be spun?

Susan Conner is a desert dweller of Phoenix, Arizona, where she routinely escapes the heat and her adult responsibilities by creating quirky stories filled with magical, fantasy, and sci-fi elements. Cursed with a vivid imagination bestowed upon her by a fragrant, banjo-playing Sherpa with a charming drawl and eyes the color of a glacier lake, she paints, draws, and writes novels for adults and young adults alike. She’s ecstatic to once again appear in the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology, which featured her story, The Makara, in its Gluttony edition.

Connect with Susan Conner

Twitter: @SusansWordJar


Victorless by A. R. Curry

The duel Cyclops Kings rule together, greedily overfilling their treasure troves until The Day of Dominance. On this day, each king selects a handful of slaves to battle in the coliseum on their behalf; the winning side determines which king will get the biggest cut from that year’s spoils. However, this year’s stakes rise for a young warrior who finds himself pitted against an opponent he can’t bear harm. Problem is, if he refuses or loses, he dies. And his younger sister will share his fate.

A. R. Curry is an unremarkable individual who has decided to write about remarkable things in order to live vicariously through them. This way, he can at least take credit for impressive achievements, imagined or not. He’s a graduate of the University of Missouri – St. Louis, and the father of three genuinely remarkable children who, thankfully, are on much better trajectories than him.


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