Gluttony–Meet the Authors, Day 3.1


Can you name all seven deadly sins? Then you probably know the three left in our series are Wrath, Greed and Lust. Once Gluttony is released, another contest will appear on Scribophile and the process will start all over again.

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Enjoy reading about a few more of our authors!


A Dog in the Manger by Chris Kennedy (Scrib: shetlandcats)

Set in Florence at the height of the Renaissance, a father and son seek for truth in a new age of art and discovery, but powerful factions are at work in a city where display matters more than honesty and the rich guard their treasures with an iron hand.

Chris Kennedy writes for fun and enjoys twisting history into parables. His family tells him he’s a compulsive liar because he likes to make things up. When not researching his MA, he works for a modern communications company and dreams of retirement, which he intends to spend making up more lies and turning them into yet more stories for this excellent series.


Fatter by Tonia Markou

When her friend Beverly suddenly starts putting on more and more weight every day, Maxine tries to find the mysterious boy who cursed her. Will she be able to stop the curse before Beverly eats herself to death?

Tonia Markou is a Greek-German writer and recent Creative Writing graduate, currently working on her first YA novel. Basically being a big kid, she enjoys writing and reading fiction for young adults. Her short stories have appeared in Flash, and The Seven Deadly Sins: Envy. She’s the proud owner of a vast Converse Chucks collection, and dreams of someday also owning a beach house and a dog.

Twitter            @toniawrites




The Sleep-Over by Geraldine McCarthy

Set in Ireland, Arianna enjoys her Italian mother’s cooking a little bit too much. However, an invitation to a sleep-over at her friend’s house casts Arianna’s troubles in a new light.

Geraldine McCarthy lives by the sea in West Cork in the Republic of Ireland. She has a certain amount of expertise in the area of gluttony but was, nevertheless, surprised and delighted to be included in the anthology.  In a past existence she taught, lectured, translated, and researched.  Her humorous flash fiction “Lesson Plans” was published in The Fable Online earlier this year. She is especially interested in short stories and flash fiction.


Hymn of the Spider by Yvette O’Kay (Scrib: Katie Moore)

Living since the beginning of time can be both a gift and a curse. As the creature traverses through the centuries, she has long since learned that appeasing her delicate palate is the only way to ease boredom. Once lured into the web she’s woven, there is no escape.

Yvette O’Kay is a writing goddess who has been creating stories ever since she was a little girl. She is from New York and has been featured in two previous volumes of Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth and Envy.


Lady of the East by Shannon Leigh Rivera

Bastet has everything she could ever want—a beautiful temple and a city full to the brim with adoring devotees who worship her without fail. Yet the other gods have taken notice, especially the jealous Seth. What will Bastet do when she is forced to give up the one thing she loves the most in order to prove she is still worth the title goddess?

Shannon Rivera is the author of several published YA short stories, including The Selkie–published in Seven Deadly Sins: Envy. In addition, Shannon is also the author of the upcoming novel Of Rebels and Ruin—an Elven Steampunk/Fantasy series— the first book due out in 2017. Using her military experience, she has put a fresh spin on urban fantasy fiction, which includes the mashing of traditional fantasy, Asian mythology, Steampunk, romance, and science-fiction elements with the spy world. An experienced writer, Shannon has penned articles for gaming websites, military commands and her own fantasy fiction blog. Besides writing, she loves to teach, offering novel writing workshops to middle and high school students as well as homeschooling her four children. Shannon is a recent graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree summa cum laude in Creative Writing and English.



Twitter             @fairsong



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