Gluttony–Meet the Authors, Day 2.1


Have you read our first three volumes of Seven Deadly Sins: A YA Anthology? You can find Pride, Sloth, and Envy on Amazon. But don’t fret if you don’t want to buy them one at a time! Once all the volumes have been published, there’s going to be a special box set containing every anthology. Whether you purchase one volume now or wait for the box set (due out Fall 2018), remember that all proceeds go to the charity First Book.

Presenting a few more of Gluttony’s authors!


One Little Bite by Guy Cheston

Sabine is an adolescent girl with an ice-cold personality. Trained by her uncle to become an assassin, her first test is to kill the reigning champion of the Warblust Annual Eating Competition in front of thousands of spectators, where two contestants eat to the death. The defending champion, Ronbo, is a local legend, five times her size, and likes to wipe his sweat on a rag and fling it at his opponents. Does Sabine even have a chance?

Guy Cheston lives with his wife and son in Richmond, Virginia. When he’s not reading, writing, or spending time with his wife, he likes to jog.

Twitter            @guycheston

The Makara by Susan Conner
Abby’s gone to a great deal of trouble, training the monster inside her belly to stay quiet when her brother does things like leaving red velvet cupcakes unattended on the kitchen counter. But what can she do when her monster won’t obey? She might just be opening up a whole closet full of secrets she had no idea her family was hiding.

Susan Conner is a desert dweller of Phoenix, Arizona, where she routinely escapes the heat and her adult responsibilities by drawing bizarre artwork and dreaming up endless ideas for young adult fantasy novels. She did a pirouette in the sky when she found out her short story was selected for inclusion in this anthology. This is her first fiction publication.

Hungry, Hungry Henry by Matthew Dewar

Henry’s doctor has put him on a diet and he feels like he’s starving to death. When a strange lady at the grocery store offers him an appetite suppressant, he jumps at the opportunity to not feel hungry all the time. The appetite suppressant works, until it doesn’t. Now Henry has a hunger even more ferocious than before.

Matthew Dewar hails from Perth, Australia, where he works as a physiotherapist and group fitness instructor. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys writing fiction, reading, and going for long walks along the beach with his dog. Gluttony will be his first official publication, with many other projects in the pipeline that will hopefully see the light of day soon.


Twitter:           @WriterDewar

When Your Number’s Up by Michael Donoghue (Scrib: M.P. Donoghue)

Today is the best, and worst, day of Wilbur’s life. Turning sixteen in the Kobe Tunnels means that he’s become an adult. No more school, no more crowded Elevator rides. But it also means that Wilbur can no longer be entered in the lottery. And what he wants, even more than living on the surface or improving the life of his sister, is the chance to eat a beefsteak for once in his life. Wilbur’s birthday turns out to be more eventful than he could ever imagine.

Michael Donoghue resides in Vancouver, Canada, but lives in his head. He works in public health, where he obsesses over hand washing. Michael’s fiction has appeared in various print and online anthologies, literary journals, and sci-fi magazines. However, his proudest fiction writing achievement occurred in grade eight, when he forged a note excusing him from gym class for the rest of the year.

Twitter            @mpdonoghue

Adventures in Wedding Saving by Joana Hill

Molly’s sister got married, and now it’s up to Molly to keep their family in check at the reception.  From making sure the buffet table isn’t cleaned out to making sure Uncle John doesn’t drunkenly breakdance himself to a broken limb, she’s got her hands full.

 Joana Hill is a creative writing graduate from central Maine who’s always working on her next piece.  When she’s not writing, she can usually be found playing video games or teasing her cats.  Her stories can be found in Vitality, the Seven Deadly Sins anthology series and on Smashwords.


Twitter            @wordsteabottles



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