Twenty-five years of Kaitlin

May 7, 1991. I chose that date for my daughter to be born, mostly because I had gestational diabetes and my obstetrician wouldn’t allow her to go to the expected full term date of Mother’s Day. Kate was full of surprises and independent from the moment she entered this world.

Kate 1 early years

Brother Stephen wasn’t sure what was in my tummy, but he decided he’d better take care of his little sister. Oh, they had their moments of squabbling, but not as bad as it could have been. They adored each other and still do.

Kaitlin, Katie, Kate, Katie-Kate. So many nicknames as she went from a small child and through elementary school. I have to admit, I stole one from her and one from her brother–my tribute to them both. Every year, I would watch her and wonder what the future would bring.

Kate 2 Mid-years

Kate brought many things into my life: beauty, kindness, love. A compassion for others, human and animal. She can’t stand spiders nor most insects, but … we all have one flaw or another. I keep telling her that spiders eat the bad bugs that will bite her. Right?

Kate 3 Current

Now, approaching the celebration of her quarter century, Kate has met the love of her life–Karl. K & K, we like to call them. They’re amazing for each other, already have their life planned. The next chapter begins June 30, 2016.

Happy Birthday, my darling daughter. I love you so much.


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