Focus: ENVY authors, post 1

Release day for Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Envy was April 1, 2016 (no fooling!). I’m going to feature four authors every day from this anthology: author bios, story blurbs, and links to contact them if you’d like. One thing I am sure of–you’re going to love their stories!!

(If anyone would like to post a review of this anthology, please contact me in the comment section below!!)

Amb-Rose by Tonia Markou

Rob Cooper is handsome, athletic and popular, but most importantly, unrivaled—until his new neighbor Ambrose arrives at school. Rob won’t stand around and let the new kid overthrow him, so he does everything he can to make Ambrose’s life miserable. When his scheming backfires and terrible rumors about Ambrose’s family spread around school, Rob learns the hard way that nobody’s perfect, especially not himself.

**Tonia Markou is a Greek-German writer and university lecturer. Being a mega film buff and fascinated by Hollywood, she decided to immigrate to the US at age 12. Her parents wouldn’t let her, so she stayed and received a B.A. in English/American studies instead. Her short story “Oh Barbara” was published in Flash. Currently, she’s studying Creative Writing at Lancaster University and is working on her first YA novel. She keeps participating in the Greencard lottery to this day.

Twitter: @toniapolis



Wind and Rain by Tamara Linden

Many a song has been written for me and that lying, murderous wretch who was once my kin. She wasn’t my sister, mind. Even Isobel wouldn’t stoop so low as that, or so I believed back when I counted my years of misery in decades rather than centuries. I comfort myself with the knowledge that she has surely been burning in hell for her sins nearly as long as I have been bound here by my own grief.

**Tamara Linden was born and raised in rural New Jersey (yes, it does exist) and now lives in Pennsylvania with a very opinionated black cat. Tamara’s storytelling career began at the age of three with “Squirm the Worm,” which was warmly received by an audience of assorted beetles. She went on to study music and eventually earn a degree in music composition. Now, as an exam prep tutor and budding college planning counselor, she has time to devote to her first love, writing. She is currently elbow-deep in revisions for her first novel manuscript.


Twitter: @lindifleur


German Cuisine by E.N. Loizis

Dysfunctional families come in many shapes and sizes. Siblings Alex and Fiona have learned to deal with their own by leaning on each other and eating copious amounts of home-made food. When Alex leaves to find happiness away from home, will Fiona be able to cope with being on her own?

**E.N. Loizis is a Greek writer, trapped inside the body of a technical translator who lives in Germany. She writes poems, flash fiction and short stories, while pretending to work on her first novel. Her stories have appeared in Maudlin House, freeze frame fiction, and Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things. “Summer Rains” was included in the Pride volume of Seven Deadly Sins. She enjoys breathing, eating, and sleeping.




Mike by Marko Davidovic

Friendship can be a fickle thing at times. Going into high school, Sanjay is desperately attempting to find his identity as the only brown-skinned kid in a virtually all-white town. To him, one-time friend Mike represents everything he doesn’t want to be identified with in high school; he’s weird, obnoxious, and socially awkward. Mike, however, sees a good friend in him. This annoys Sanjay, but as he struggles to find his own place among his peers, he’s soon forced t evaluate who his real friends are.

**Marko Davidovic is a 21-year-old business student at Carleton University and aspiring author from Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada. This is his first publication, which he is very excited about. He hopes to be able to publish more work in the future, and through it talk about social problems that stand out to him. Currently on exchange in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marko loves all things soccer, as well as experiencing the local art culture and night life. When he’s not doing any of these things, he enjoys making new friends!



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