April 1, 2016: release day for SDS Envy!

Happy Release Day for Seven Deadly Sins (Volume 3) , now available on Amazon!!

Envy Front Cover

Select YA authors from Scribophile (the writing group and online writing workshop) are featured in this volume, highlighting the theme ENVY. Over the course of what I call “Release Week,” I’m going to feature four stories a day from this publication.

Join me in a huge round of congratulations for these authors (Scribophile name in parenthesis)!!

Teresa Bassett (Sylvia Stone)

P.R. Blackburn (Paul Blackburn)

Embe Charpentier

Guy Cheston

Marko Davidovic

Joana Hill

Tamara Linden (Kassandra Flamouropoulos)

E.N. Loizis (Eliza Loizides)

Tonia Markou

Yvette O’Kay (Katie Moore)

Blake Parker

John Rickett

Shannon Leigh Rivera

K.T. Stephens (Katie Stephens)

M.J. Travis (shazam)

Luke Winters

(If anyone would like to post a review of this anthology, please contact me in the comment section below!!)


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