Story A Day In May, a.k.a. SADIM

Tell me that doesn’t sound like it should be whispered in the deep, dark recesses of a candlelit bedroom that contains a king-sized bed covered in black satin with various whips, chains and other nefarious devices strewn about the room. I’ll let you think on that for a minute or two or ten.

Okay, that’s enough.

I started Story a Day in May yesterday, but this year, instead of writing complete flash fiction/short stories, I’ll be working on my WIP. It’s due, completely edited, by September 15, so I figured this is a very good time to create the first draft. This is for a boxed set steamy Christmas Anthology. If anyone would like to keep up with the first draft, head on over to Scribophile and join George Well’s group. Blog access and passwords are posted there!

Keep writing, my friends!


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