Seven Deadly Sins: the stories

The first volume of Seven Deadly Sins, A Young Adult Anthology, deals with possibly the most severe of all sins: Pride. Whether a story centers around magic, a crime, a scientific experiment or a night out that ends in disaster, our young adults need to decide if pride will be an obstacle they overcome, or if it will be the weakness that holds them back.

Thirteen stories, thirteen choices. One theme.


The Hazel Crayon by Wendy White Lees

A headstrong young girl’s attempt to prove her oddball classmate is a pirate results in a playground wedding, and a friendship that sails smoothly through adolescence, but is knocked off course in high school.


Good Intentions by Michael Donoghue

A genetically smart but bored 16 year-old boy sets out to solve an environmental problem, but he ends up in more trouble than he could possibly imagine.


Masterpiece by J.C. Davis

Avery is the best artist in her high school, but when her arch-rival Nora takes a prank too far, Avery discovers that art can destroy as well as create.


Quitter by Day Jamison

When a less than perfect test score prompts a driven perfectionist to sabotage her anchoring relationships, she must overcome her fear of failure or reconcile herself to loneliness.


Summer Rains by E.N. Loizis

When Violeta attempts to change Joanna to fit her idea of a “worthy friend”, Joanna must decide who she wants to be.


Balancing Act by K.T. Stephens

As a circus acrobat who knows perfection is a must to stay alive, Joey has to decide between his pride and the acceptance he craves, not realizing he can have both.


Seeing Better by Eliza Archer

A girl finds that sometimes the world as isn’t the way you’ve been seeing it all your life. It just takes looking at it with clearer vision.


Great-Great Aunty Edna by Anita Russo

When self-obsessed Amber is forced to clean her Great-Great Aunty’s squalid house instead of pursuing her love interest, her pride takes an unexpected reality check.


A Mother’s Pride by Teresa Bassett

Shy student Ruth can’t believe her luck when she is befriended by smart, popular Laura Mortoe. But on a weekend away, Laura’s façade crumbles—with tragic consequences.


A Wish from the Fountain by Alisia Faust

When rejected by her first crush, Stevie seeks counsel from her mysterious confidant in the fountain, but the advice she receives is not what she expected.


In the Name of Art and Love by Sylvia Heike

When a student couple hangs a love lock only to discover most locks stolen soon after, they must reconcile with the loss. Meanwhile, a girl in love with an artist questions the purpose of the theft they’ve committed.


Commando by Willow Becker

Jesse Malvino is on his way to becoming one of the great Rock Gods. Only a local talent scout, a raging principal, and an epic wardrobe malfunction stand in his way.


The Tasmanian Girl by S. Sadedin

Andy teams up with the class geek and his cat-eyed new girlfriend to win the science fair, but will their project literally go viral?





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