Joey’s Interview

Joey, from Balancing Act, received his first interview today on Jena Baxter’s blog. Woohoo!! None other than her beran, Tolor, did the interview! Joey was a little reticent at first, but with Tolor’s urging, he warmed up considerably.

You can read the entire interview here. Show Jena–and Joey’s interview–a little love!

A little background info:

Balancing Act is a YA (Circus) story that will be part of the Seven Deadly Sins YA Anthology, releasing April 1, 2015. The anthology has been in the works for a while and we’re all excited to finally see the book coming out in print and as an e-book. We have thirteen authors (all members of Scribophile), thirteen stories, and for this volume, the theme is PRIDE. SDS will eventually add six more volumes to cover the other deadly sins.

We also have a graphic artist, Luke Spooner from Carrion House, who is working on the cover. We’ll release that as soon as we can! Dino Laserbeam is formatting the e-book and I’ll be dealing with the POD.

Keep an eye out here for more information as it becomes available. I’ll also spotlight each story in the next few weeks!

See how many of these SDS authors you know from Scribophile:

Teresa Bassett (Sylvia Stone), E.N. Loizis (Eliza Loizides), Michael Donaghue (Anita Anita Bath), Anita Russo (Anita MacNamara), Sonia Storm, Alisia Faust, J.C. Davis (Jenn Racek), Willow Becker, Sylvia Heike, Day Jamison, Eliza Archer, Wendy White Lees (Wendy Bristow), K.T. Stephens (Katie Stephens).


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