Football on Steroids

I’ve got about forty-five minutes to write my NaNo words before Sunday Football begins. I checked to see what channel my favorite team,The Ravens, would appear on today. And forgot that I now lived in Ohio, and they’re not on our local television. You know what that means?

I will have to turn to the dreaded Red Zone. Don’t know what that is? Let me explain in one little sentence:
The Red Zone is football on steroids, with a little ADHD added as a bonus. Every time any team playing at any particular time in a seven-hour period gets into the ‘Red Zone’ (twenty yards from the goal line) focus shifts to that game. Sometimes, there’s four screens on at once. Most of the time just one screen, jumping between games.

It’s enough to give me a headache.

No down time here. No commercials. No celebration when your team does score, because once that happens, they move to another game. Wait! I want to see a replay!

Ahh, there’s my purple team. What? No, that’s Minnesota. Crap.

I so looked forward to today’s game with Benny out. Let’s just hope that Flacco gets that offense into motion like he did last week and the Red Zone will pick them up. Often.

Damn. Now I have thirty minutes to write. Does this count for today’s words?

Hold on. Whoa. Ravens are playing tonight. That means they WILL be on national television. YAY! Guess what, honey? Ravens are on tonight! What was that? You ordered a Pay-Per-View. Wrestling? Survivor Series?

Anyone know a good divorce lawyer?


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