Happy, Happy Day

I’m a mean person to consider this a happy, happy day. The last of my teacher neighbors just left his driveway, and I giggle in glee. Yes, this is the day The Teachers Return To Work.

Oh, how I used to look forward to this day in anticipation. Eight o’clock meetings, with breakfast provided, catching up on everything my colleagues did over the summer break. Edward picked up a part-time job to get away from his six kids. Shelley spent the weeks at her parent’s home in Florida, basking on the beach. Maria slept late and otherwise enjoyed not paying daycare. Trudy communed with nature. Nancy traveled Europe (the bitch) to gain first-hand knowledge for her history classes. Sam spent his time catching up on all the ‘honey-do’ jobs he had no time for during the school year.

Okay, so I miss it. I miss the lesson plans, the camaraderie, the anticipation of new students, the wide-eyed innocence of the children, the ah-ha! when they get what you’re teaching. The power of knowing you impact a young mind.

This is the second beginning day I’ve missed since I went out on disability. I’ll never go back. Never again have the pleasure of seeing those faces, demonstrating musical instruments to a class, exulting in a well-performed concert.

This is a sad, sad day.


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