Saturday Morning Blues

Why is it I’m ready to get going on a Saturday morning, and everyone else in the house is lazying around?  I want to go to Farmers’ Markets, Flea Markets, garage sales–and, darn, here I am online.  Waiting…

So I went out on the deck to fiddle with the flowers.

“How are you guys doing this morning?”

Silence.  But their pretty faces waved in the breeze.

“Do you need dead-heading?  Oops, didn’t mean to cut there.  Sorry.  Here, I’ll make it better.”  I try to push it back in the soil.  Didn’t work.  Lobbed off perfectly good flower.

“Don’t worry, you still look good.  Here, I’ll give you a drink of water.”  I proceed to drown each pot.  Hmmm, too much water?  Wish I had one of those things you stick in the soil and it tells you if it’s dry or not.  Maybe I’ll go get one while I’m out.  Oh, yeah.  Stuck at home waiting for people to MOVE THEIR ASSES.

I’m calm again.  Promise.  Back to dead-heading.  Think about why they call it that.  Oh, yeah.  Dead flower.  Lop off their head.  Dead-heading.

Wonder if I threaten to dead-head those lazy…..nope, wouldn’t work.  They know I wouldn’t do it.  Although the image is rather interesting.  “Off with their heads!”

God, I’m bored.


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